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Not one more….one less

February 14, 2018

It is not just one more….it’s one less.

One less representative of good over evil.

One less spirit who believed in giving everything to what he was called to do.

One less brave soul who knew the risks yet didn’t hide from them.

One less person who was committed to bettering their corner of the world, defending and protecting those within his walk, going above and beyond the oath that he took to protect, serve and represent a department, a city, a profession that he didn’t just show up for he truly lived, breathed, role-modeled and owned.

One less who will run into danger when you are surrounded by it.

One less who will stare evil in the eye and set in place to defeat it.

One less brother in blue for those who worked alongside of him and who shared the calling with him.

One less husband to hold his wife.

One less father to come home to his daughter enveloping her with his pride, spirit and love.

One less returns home safely tonight.

Hearts break tonight for one more who has entered the gates of Heaven way too soon…


When you lay your head down tonight please offer up a prayer for Commander Bauer’s family and for every man and woman who wears this badge that does not spare their life but rather risks their life.  Sometimes evil snuffs out the good, but more often the good stand united and conquer the evil and make our community, our state, our country a safer place but only at a very true and real risk of becoming one less….




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