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I am just one

April 10, 2020

I am just one.
It is an honor to be given a leadership award.
It is humbling to be boasted of and acknowledged for doing what your heart leads you to do.
It is easy to forget that you are simply a conduit from generosity offered to needs being met when your name is announced and applause and recognition surrounds you.
God didn’t wire me to understand that as a need, or even as a desire. God wired me to listen, hug, seek, find and connect. Simply I am the one between you and the one who needs you. I truly am nothing more. God has allowed me that privilege to see His work unfold right in front of my eyes and THAT inspires me.
Your generosity, your unselfishness, your intrinsic offering of time and effort thrills me, lifts me, energizes me.
You deserve the credit, not me.
I am only one who has said to God “here I am, use my eyes, ears, hands, feet and heart”.
You are THE one who also allows Him to do the same and to make things happen.
I cannot tend to yard work for seniors on my own.
I cannot pull off youth outreaches on my own.
I cannot create and deliver care bags, Christmas Dinners, Easter Baskets, meals on my own.
I cannot pull off the prom dress give away, winter clothing/houseshold item give away, bicycle recycle, summer youth outreaches, holiday outreaches, create and deliver 800+ sack lunches, or rally funds, action, or meet the crisis needs that are met without you.
I may hear the need but you meet it.
I may have responded to my calling, but you have listened to the voice as well.
I am simply blessed to be in this corner of the world with an enormous amount of walking angels who care to better the world by improving lives and putting hope in the homes within our arm’s reach.
I have already received more than any award or recognition can offer.
May the award, the recognition, the acknowledgement of good being done draw more eyes, ears, hands, feet and hearts to the needs right here and right now.
We have done much, but as you are well aware there is so much more to do.
Let us take a second and feel the pat on the back and feel the warmth of knowing we are making ripples that are reaching so many within our community, but then let us get back on the path of wanting more….
More seniors helped by our hands and feet.
More youth lifted by our mentorship and guidance.
More struggling to have basic needs met with our generosity and unconditional kindness.
More light in the darkness that hinders the beautiful spirits within our hugging arm’s reach.
Let’s show up more often. Let’s offer more of what we can offer.
Let’s judge less and love more.
Let us continue to be recognized as a community of loving citizens who care about, provide aid for, and lift up those who struggle within the boundaries of us being able to make a difference.
Let us be the change that makes the world a better place.
Let us start here…in this corner of the world.
Let us start where we can truly make a difference….here and now.
I so proudly stand here with you and so humbly walk with you.
I am so very blessed to know and love you and love others with you.
As you can see in the pictures I am just one…..of so many. Together we do much.
Peace, love and my wholehearted commitment to here and now,
Terri O’Neill-Borders





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~ April 9, 2019 (Upon receiving Governor’s Volunteer Service Award)

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