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So much learned, and we’ve only just begun.

June 29, 2017

Just stepping into summer Hope and Friendship outreaches and I already have been enriched with more lessons than hours in the day.

I have learned that though one would think that when more teens than adults show up for a Mission Stay don’t think you won’t have the most incredibly productive workday.

I have learned that though some of us adults think we have it rough, some of our young people have it worse.

I have learned that a simple hug offered is often returned with a greater strength and love from one that is smaller than you.

I have learned that the compassion, energy, enthusiasm of young people fires me up to do more, listen better, and love with an untainted and youthful heart.

I have learned that some have so much often miss how something much less can be wholeheartedly enjoyed at the same value, if not more.

I have heard the most sincere and truest “thank you” from the tiniest of voices and had it reverberate throughout my ears and heart.

I have learned that what seems like a simple hands and feet act of kindness can be the answer to a prayer for one who would otherwise not be able to do it.

I have learned that allowing God to move you into the place, time, and action that He needs to be present in can be exhausting; frustrating; time, fund and heart consuming; but the most perfect life changing, enriching place, time and action that you would have missed out on had you held tightly onto the pen.

I have learned that my passion “to be” does not override my humanness, and though I felt invincible when my young friends united with me to conquer the weed forest for our 101 year old friend’s house, my weakness to poison ivy is raring it’s ugly head to remind me that sometimes I simply must step back and watch, learn, and soak in the lessons.

Truth be told….

I’d conquer that weed forest all over again with them because we felt a bond and happiness as we dove into that act of compassion.

Isn’t that what strengthens the heart and spirit? Bonding. Doing good. Laughing. Loving, unconditionally.

Just a week in and I already know this is going to be the best summer of my life, and of the history of Hope and Friendship.

I look forward to joining with more hands and feet, but skipping the weed forest and poison ivy next time.

May peace, love and purpose be yours my friend,



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