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Holy Tuesday, the day to just “be”.

April 12, 2017

After the roller coaster from Palm Sunday’s celebrity parade to the frustrations and anxiety of Monday, on Holy Tuesday Jesus went to where He felt comfortable…the temple.
Where is your comfort zone? When the world seems to be spinning out of control and you can not strap your feet in the ride before the day takes off, where or how do you settle in to regroup?
Jesus communicated so much to those around him in easy to digest stories (aka. parables). Their minds, our minds, sometimes just are not focused in to understand the gift of knowledge, truth and guidance that He has been offering us.
The key word is focus. I know my mind goes in 194 directions when I do just about everything. It is very hard to simple channel in on my task at hand, which means I miss many chances to be, live and experience “the moment”.
On this day those around Jesus had a last chance to be gifted His art of preaching and teaching and just simply “be”. They settled in, focused on and seized the opportunity to have a front row seat embracing “the moment”.
Just as there are always those around you who will criticize you, challenge you, try to distract your focus, there were those that were on guard awaiting Jesus to say and do the wrong thing. They tried desperately to find fault with Him engaging in psychological warfare with Him that He clearly won over and over and again on this day and at “this moment”.
(Matthew 21:23-27)
On this night I am going to challenge myself to turn off the noise of the world and do as those in the temple did so many years ago: stop moving, put down any distractions, and embrace the opportunity to be enlighten, inspired and lifted by His words, stories and wisdom and take the time to “be” with Jesus.
We are not promised the time to do this tomorrow and that is something this week should clearly communicate to us.
We have moved through yesterday and have yet to open our eyes to tomorrow, so today, Holy Tuesday, is the perfect day to focus our eyes, hearts, and our walk with Him beginning by taking time to just “be”.
I believe if you never had found your comfort zone, your escape from the chaos, before you might possibly find it here “in this moment”.

Wishing you peace, love and the chance to just “be in this moment”,


Terri O’Neill-Borders



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