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12 years of lessons shared in 12 days- day 4- It’s not me it’s you

December 19, 2016

12 days before Christmas

12 lessons I’ve learned from pulling together the

12 Hope and Friendship Christmas Dinner Delivery Days


It is not me that makes this happen it is you. I am simply blessed to be a conduit.

12 years snowballing into a tradition for so many has made the Hope and Friendship Foundation Christmas Dinner Deliveries a unique and beautiful opportunity to engage in the spirit of Christmas.

Grandma LeeAnn and grandkids have gathered to mix, roll, press, and bake Christmas Cookies gift wrapped in box decorated with bow for as many years as I can remember. Each year she contacts me and asks “How many deliveries this year?” And then her and her elves get busy making a amazing Christmas gift to accompany the Dinner.

Cindy and Paul have embarked on the mission to put a HUGE dent into the potato population. They have rallied the assistance of friends and family and boiled, mashed and prepared 4 person servings of 200 pounds of mashed potatoes that provide such substance to our gift of dinner.

Bill, Tim, Jim, Dan, Jimmy and friends have been the meat of our meal for the past few years gathering together with others to deep fry each of the turkeys that rest in the center of our gift of a Christmas Dinner. The have gathered and purchased 16 turkey fryers, purchase the oil and seasoning, receive the donation of propane from our friends at Ludwigs Feed Store, and with the assistance of their amazing children and friends clean, dress, prepare and then cook 55-65 turkeys that then are match up with our sides, potatoes, breads, and desserts and arrive at the door of friends offering the gift that will nourish body and spirit from friends.

Terry and Holly have arrived each year ready to deliver as many dinners and care bags as needed. Always arriving with a smile and empty car ready to be the conduit of a home cooked meal prepared by friends, loaded and delivered by friends to friends who need this spirit lifting gift.

These are just a few of the friends who have adopted the Hope and Friendship Christmas Outreach as their annual act of compassion gifted on Christmas Day. There are so many who have contributed food, gifts, supplies, hands and feet and vehicles to make this outreach ripple throughout our community on the day that resonates of unconditional peace, hope and love.

Thank you my friends for joining me in offering such a selfless gift that meets another friend in a storm of life. You are casting such light, love and hope into this difficult chapter. It would not happen without each and every person who offers toward it. There is no donation that does not make the impact stronger. At the end of the day on December 25th I sit and thank God for you, as do the homes that you filled with food and love.

May your home, your family and your heart be filled with the gift of Christmas love, hope and peace, for this the gift you have provided each and every year to another.

Want to be a part of this year’s Hope and Friendship Christmas Outreaches? Email



~ Friday December 16, 2016


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