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12 years of lessons in 12 years-Day 3- Miracle of the Mashed Potatoes

December 16, 2016

12 days before Christmas

12 lessons I’ve learned from pulling together the

12 Hope and Friendship Christmas Dinner Delivery Days

The Miracle of the Mashed Potatoes.

How do you plan on food for 50 plus homes?

I believe in trusting in the One who is a better planner than I. I can plan something into dust and then have to rely on Plan B, C and eventually Z. However, when I listen and follow and not make it about how “I” want the outreach to work but rather how “He” wants the outreach to meet needs, I find that Plan A pretty much pulls together.

Christmas 2009 I had 52 homes humbly accept or request a Christmas Dinner Delivery.

Donations of cooked food came walking through the doors of the Safety Village and we cut turkeys, sorted large quantities and divvied up donations of all of the fixin’s of Christmas.

We came down to the final quality control walk through and we were short potatoes in most every home’s dinner box.

I have been so blessed to have a handful of friends who have walked with me through so many of these Christmas Dinners and one who was there then and has remained present in making this gift of love happen, looked at me and said “What now?”

My mind raced from running to every 24 hour store I could find to round up potatoes and hurry and prepare them to knowing that the dinner would be delivered not be to the standards that I wanted it.

Before I could utter an answer to his question, in walked a friend and her family apologetically for being late with 15 pounds of prepared and packaged mashed potatoes, which filled every not full box to my satisfaction. How can you have Christmas Dinner without potatoes? Obviously you can’t because what we didn’t have we had and all was good.

From that day forward we joke about the “miracle of the mashed potatoes” when the exact coat that a teen wanted so badly is found in a bag of donated clothing, when the amount needed for a families rent is donated, when the appliance that broke in a home that cannot afford to replace it is the same appliance offered by someone replacing theirs, when the child who needed something receives it because another home found they have two.

I have found that I do not need to stress over what I have no control over because there is a plan and I am simply a part of it. I know that miracles happen right here in our corner of the world because I have been so very blessed to personally witness them over and over again.

We are all capable of being someone’s miracle, someone’s hope right here within your arm’s reach.

May we all be the one who walks through the door with the mashed potatoes or whatever is needed to complete the gift of compassion that brings hope and light into someone’s storm.

Want to be a part of this year’s Hope and Friendship Christmas Outreaches? Email


~ Thursday December 15, 2016


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