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12 years of lessons learned in 12 days- Day 2

December 15, 2016

12 days before Christmas

12 lessons I’ve learned from pulling together the

12 Hope and Friendship Christmas Dinner Delivery Days

I’ve learned so many lessons from my young friends but the greatest of those is to celebrate the simple yet most important things: time, compassion and dessert.

Most of the Hope and Friendship outreaches have been formed to help assist a child’s basic needs of food, clothing and shoes, and most importantly mentoring. Hoping to rally the support of others to join in investing the most valuable commodity: time.

As adults we make decisions that affect our daily and future lives. We understand we have a choice in everything that we do and those choices either benefit us with positive growth or they have repercussions. Children are often the innocent victims to those repercussions and hardships of life.

A child did not choose to grow up in a struggling household. They grow to understand financial, physical and emotional struggles as every day life, not understanding what could have been, having not been involved in the path that lead the household to today’s situation.

I’ve met the children who have been battling cancer, immune diseases, physical disabilities, and handicaps that will remain in their forever days and yet they find the ability to be happy.   They have understood what life is not what it could have been.

Our young friends are elated to be doted on, to have someone spend time engaging, playing and investing in them. Like watering a plant, when you pour your time, compassion and love on them they simply rise and grow in a healthier manner.

They do not need “things” to become the person they were created to be, they need attention, direction, to be shown their strengths, gifts and talents they have yet to discover. They need the gift of those who can to commit to do and give what cannot be bought. The “UNBirthday Party” is a perfect example of elated children being spoiled with time, attention, mentoring and dessert!

I had a friend who assisted with Christmas Day deliveries tell me of her experience that she will never forget.   When she arrived at a door with Christmas Dinner and Care Bag in tow the children in the home greeted her at the door elated with the “gift” of a bountiful Christmas dinner, the bag full of care bag items (that many would not consider a “present”), and when they saw the desserts “they squealed with excitement for the cookies and treats”.  The gift of a meal, of basic needs, and of rare treats, but most importantly the exhilaration that this “friend”, whom they did not know before but now will not forget, had arrived at their door enriching their Christmas and their today, hopefully lifting up their tomorrow as well.

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~ Wednesday Dec 14, 2016

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