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Why the funk?

November 9, 2016

Why the funk?

I couldn’t sleep last night.  I tossed and turned all night.  I’ve been in a funk all day.  I’ve been trying to snap out of it but before I do that I have to determine what the source of distress it.  As I drove away from work tonight I went through a mental inventory:

Could it be that I’m still adjusting to leaving for work in the morn in the pitch dark and leaving work for home in the eve in pitch dark?

Could it be that my best friend has been too far for too long?

Pay versus cost of living ratio?  Hope and Friendship holiday meal plans not going as smoothly as they should be for the 12th year of offering?

House cleaning, laundry, and paperwork are not completing themselves?

All of that, and yet none of that.

I realized it is the day: today; Election Day; the candidates; the campaign; the soon to be determination of who will lead our country.

I am not one to discuss politics.  I am not one to say I agree 100% with any person in a political position, and I know that persons in political positions do not agree 100% with my decisions.  Yet I honor and respect their position and stature.

What I care about more about than who agrees and disagrees with me, is my young friends, their present, their future and how I, and all of those adults in their line of sight, influence and mold them.

I hope that any youth that know me, see me, hear me, works alongside of me, can say that I was a person of kindness, compassion, sincerity, honesty, value, peace and of love.

I notice those qualities in the people around me, in actors and sports figures that I follow, in pastors, teachers, police, fire and first responders, in those in local political power positions and in those I interact with on a daily basis, as do our youth.  I also notice the lack of those qualities in those people, as do our youth.

I care so very much for our young people that I find it a daily practice to try and view the world as they see it.  I try to validate and listen intently to the importance of break ups, big tests, lunch table seating and pimples.  I open my eyes to harassment, negative wordage, parent/child interaction and peer to peer interaction.  I listen to how they feel the world, peers, family, parents perceive them and then how they perceive those in return.  I see the mirror action from what they see, to how they act.  I have found myself defending both sides to them, and to the flip side.

I have watched this campaign unfold through those same eyes that embrace our youth and my stomach and heart has simply ached.  What have they seen?  Language, behaviors, values, lack of respect, and examples of grown ups that should be sent to their room until they can behave (just as they had been told in their lifetime).  They have listened, watched, and absorbed the candidates and adults around them utter rhetoric that has set our value system back decades in the level of respect we should be offering to our neighbor.

Tomorrow, or soon after the contests, we will know the future that is unfolding as I type.

Whomever it is will represent and lead our country for the next 4 years, an example to our youth of what a president’s role, demeanor, speech, values, action and interaction is to be, wearing the title of the highest seat of political power here in our country.  Something so many youth used to hope to be.  How often have you heard that from a young person lately?

When I put my finger on the source of the “funk” I was in it helped greatly because then my very next action was to pray.

You do not have to be a person of faith to feel fear, anxiousness, or trepidation of what tomorrow will hold, but for me my peace comes from my faith and my relationship with God.  Therefore when I feel anxious that is where I go.

Lord, please guide the heart and spirit of whomever is to lead us here on earth and may they know and believe that this is simply their role here to care, represent and better the lives of those they represent.  We who follow you, Lord, know it is you who sets the stars in place and presents us every day we are blessed to have.  You are the Alpha, the Omega, and the presenter of our opportunity to be your hands, feet and heart here on earth under earthly power knowing they too have been created by you.  My allegiance is first and foremost to you, and in you I find peace in the gift of either difficult or wonderful days and will be strengthened and humbled in both.  May peace come from you, who sits on the throne of power in heaven, and through the hearts of all who hold seats of power here in earth.  Amen.

Even if you are not one to believe in prayer, faith, or God I know you believe in the understanding that good begets good and hate begets hate.  I know you were once a young person and I hope you will travel back to those years, no matter if it has been a couple years or a couple decades, and remember which adults impressed you and what adults scarred you.  Whoever becomes our president will represent our country, but the person who has the most influence on the youth within your arm’s reach is you.  The adult they will become is molded more by those who directly influence them, then indirectly, be the direct influence of kindness, respect, compassion and love that catapults the level of what we’ve adjusted to, to a higher level so that we rear the future presidents to be of a standard that the whole of us will respect, admire and revere.

Wishing you peace,

Terri O’Neill-Borders


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