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Not all.

July 8, 2016

Not all.

I am a woman and can verify that not all women are a flip switch from crazy.

I am a mother and can validate that not all mothers count the minutes until those busy sports, school events and homework nights will end.

I am a wife and can confirm that not all wives celebrate when their husbands are away on road trips.

I am a Catholic, went to Catholic school, have worked and dedicated much time to the Church, and can affirm that not all priests are criminal; in fact some of my best friends and truest and most trusted confidants have been priests.

I am proud to be Lemont’s Police Chaplain, and have been for 9 years last month, and I tell you I have never met a police officer to be as what is being communicated to our view.

I can uphold with all I have to offer that police, our police officers, their police officers, police around the world are here to protect and serve their communities not harm them. I have met, worked, studied, socialized, broke bread with, prayed and befriended police from across the United States, and at many trainings sat alongside of police from countries I will never set foot in. I have seen the stress; the weight of responsibility; the broken hearts from seeing such evil; the ache of missing kid’s sports, school and activities yet always putting the needs of their commitment to their community, department, fellow officers over all; the dedication of protecting by being present in conflict, in danger, in anger, in grief, in prejudice, in disrespect and sometimes in gratitude.

To know that these men and women are being judged, threatened, persecuted, disrespected, put in danger, shot at, killed because of what has been determined by the “knowledgeable” public as a justified reaction to actions that have been presented one dimensionally on the screens of our phones, computers and tv’s leaves me broken today.

“There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you–who are you to judge your neighbor?” ~ James 4:12

I affirm with all of my heart, soul and spirit that I would lay down my life for any one of my brothers and sisters in blue to protect them, to attempt to even try to show the dedication, appreciation, respect and love I have for them and their decision to do that for me, and all of those they have sworn on their heart and God’s word to serve and protect.

My heart breaks for those I cannot offer that to now that they have lost their lives because of some.

My heart aches for the wives, the children and their coworkers who will continue on but with a void in their lives and hearts.

A judgment cannot be made, a sentence cannot be served, a mindset cannot be set on all for the action of some.

There are more who represent to the fullest expectation then let down.

There is more good in the world than evil.

There is more good than evil.

We have to keep repeating that because what we see right now is showing us that there is so very much evil.

Then we have those men and women who will rise and put on their uniforms today, kiss their families goodbye, dedicated not only to them but to the communities they serve, stand face to face to the evil protecting the all of us to the best of their ability, risking their lives, letting the world know that there are some in every facet in life that will let us down.

Not all.

Wishing you and our world peace and love, and more peace and more love.

Terri O’Neill-Borders


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