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In this world of “me’s”, notice the “you’s”.

July 8, 2016

I’m sitting watching the birds. I just filled the feeders AGAIN and now I’m watching a vast variety of feathered friends soar and flutter from feeder to feeder, then zoom overhead at the speed of light toward an unknown destination and back again. On a night that I’m doing my best to simply sit and be (those who know me know how hard this is) these beak billed friends are exhibiting what I, and so many of us, must look like most every day.

They are landing, lifting off, fleeting and hurrying about at a pace with purpose, intention and with reckless disregard for those in their presence who would like for them to be a bit more accommodating to the desire to observe their beauty.

It is just about sunset and they appear to feel they are behind schedule, trying to catch up racing before dusk blankets their day. They zoom past not even noticing my presence or that I supplied their source that fueled this fury. Not investing one iota of appreciation my way to assure that I will continue to fill their feeders. As I watched them I felt the urge to communicate “slow down”, “take a minute with me”, there will be more food and more daylight tomorrow. Then I realized the irony of this moment. How many people comment to me regarding my speed of walk, of work, of accomplishing much within the parameters of a day, my over packed schedule and my lack of attempts or acceptance of offerings to “sit a spell and visit”? I often feel guilt and a bit of sadness to hear “I know you’re busy and I hate to bother you, but…” I want to be one who sits, visits, listens, notices who is around me, seizes the opportunity, then meets a need in that moment.

Why do I/we, move at this break neck speed? Scurrying from place to place, errand to errand, busy moment to busier moment missing the opportunities to notice those nearby who might need a moment of our time, our attention, our ear. Why do we move as if there will be no tomorrow lacking to build the relationships that will only deepen the value of our time here and validate our purpose?

We are a busy people. We must be productive to survive. Sitting on a porch swing will not pay the bills. However, we are missing the opportunity to invest in the “real treasure”.

Many persons who have progressed through our age and on have a valuable perspective of observing, savoring and appreciating each sunrise, sunset, each moment in between and the gift of the ability to move through another gifted day.

Our friends in their “golden years” often offer advice that we frequently toss aside not acknowledging the years spent in the “school of life” they logged to become so learned. They speak frequently and passionately of the value of slowing down our pace and filling up our lives with memories not things, knowing now it is the memories that comfort and accompany them through their days, not the things the busyness acquired in the past days of being too extended, too tired and too busy to appreciate the moment.

And now it is they who are sitting on the porch swing watching us hurry by hoping we will notice them, take time to sit a spell and share some lessons learned.

As the sun set on this day my feathered friends slowly all disappeared to their resting places to await the arrival of another sunset. I head into the house knowing that I will not have time to sit and watch them tomorrow.   Then I laughed at how fast the lesson of the day had faded from my focus. If I’m given tomorrow I hope I will do it a bit differently. I know I will continue to move fast and fill the day, because that is just how I am wired. However I commit to engaging my peripheral vision and firing up my most alert senses that I have to notice more and be approachable to those who might need a moment. May I invite another to “sit a spell” and invest in the priceless gift of relationships, knowing it is the only treasure I will count in my final days. I know I will be richer and filled up from slowed down moments.

This I wish for you too my friend. May we meet in a moment and invest in each other, filling each other up and then sending each other on our way feeling richer for the moments of our day that were not lost but rather well invested.

I wish you peace, love and many treasured moments that you accompany you forever.


“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” ~ Matthew 6:26


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