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Making bouquets from compost

June 7, 2016


Last week this floral arrangement caught the eye of everyone who entered the lobby. Today it was sitting next to my desk ready to be tossed. Just days ago the “eye catcher” drawing attention from all who entered, now deemed unsuitable for “lobby” status.

I make it a habit to ask how one is when I cross paths, yet I purposely avoid tossing out the cliché “Have a great day!”

If I had that power to gift “a great day” I would will that “great day” to everyone, everyday. I’d be more popular than that man who delivers that Publisher Clearing House check! (he does exist, right??)

The range in responses to my inquisition never ceases to amaze me.

Bad days range from: late for work; button fell off of my pants; gas prices are higher; broke a nail; fight with kids/spouse; car needs repair; we received our 5 day notice today; I still haven’t received the child support check; the doctor called, it’s malignant.

For most of my life I have purposely and intentionally set forth to try and better the day for myself and those I cross paths with, whether it is the person handing me my tea, the mailman, those I encounter and serve at work, the person that cleans the office, or my family.

Shortly after Terry and I met and realized we were being united with our God created soul mate I tried to forewarn him by opening my backpack of faults and putting all of them that I could out on the table.

“I try too hard.”

To that he replied, “How would that be a fault?”

More than 5 years later (sooner than 5 months I’d say if I was a betting woman), he understood why. I want to fix everything RIGHT NOW. I want everybody happy, especially those I care deeply about.

I have learned to repeat, breathe and live the Serenity Prayer.

No one took the banished bouquet when the work day was over. It was sitting by my desk wilted and wounded. I had much to carry and would have to manipulate my cargo to make room for one more thing. When I put it on top of the pile I had to carry I caught a whiff of this most amazing fragrance that was still so very much alive in what to some appeared dead.   To me, that was a “thank you”.

What makes a bad day for some is simply a gnat in a tornado for others. We have to, no we NEED to remember that we are blessed to be given each and every day no matter if we have a crater to cross or a crack in the sidewalk.

I say that understanding craters and sidewalk cracks.

I have been blessed to walk alongside of those who are right now trudging through craters.

Those beautiful, courageous and determined to make it to the other side spirits inspire my heart, faith and passion. I just want to hug all of you and pour every ounce into being a conduit of your tenacity and grit to those who so desperately need that injection of life, purpose, appreciation and strength and in turn channel assistance to your walk, climb, crawl.

There are times we can be the fuel for the spark that lights their fire to fight, we can be the shoulder they lean on when their body is tired, we can be the back they climb on when they are too weak to continue through the crater, we can be the friend that celebrates life with them when they emerge on the other side. And we should be because we are called to be through the crater, through the valley or the sidewalk crack with them.

The ceramic container made it home unbroken. Then the task began. I opened the compost container and sorted carefully through the spray of amazing flowers that I couldn’t even attempt to tell you the names of. I christened to the container those that would go forth and mulch, and to those that still had fight in them I brought in the house, trimmed, assembled and gave fresh water. The bouquet of those that hadn’t given up seemed to grow stronger and healthier with intense appreciation of being given even just one more day. At this point I feel they and I are better off from them showing me how to display better side when things look grim: I have the most beautiful bouquet because of them, they have another day because of me.

We need to be the conduit of whatever is needed, whatever it takes, whatever can be rallied to help. We don’t need to be family, close friends, next door neighbors, we don’t even need to have ever met them the fact that they are right here right now in your arm’s reach makes them a part of your life, of your day, right here, right now.

To those of you who have allowed me to be apart of this chapter of your life, allowed me to share your story, blessed me by calling me friend, I want to thank you for teaching me by your journey and your strength that every day a great day no matter the journey.   I know we grow stronger from our challenges, but sometimes we grow stronger from walking alongside others through their challenges. May we be the ones that remain and make bouquets expressing fragrance and beauty to lift the spirits of all of those who see and know us.

Wishing you peace, love, strength and beauty in your every day,
Terri 20160606_210532


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