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Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

April 28, 2015

I have been so very depressed to watch my birth city, my 2nd home, the place that holds my heart and my family, in the news in this manner.
Seeing the streets I have known as the heart of my beloved Baltimore riddled with violence, fire, looting and such pain simply breaks me. If only my prayers could stop the chaos, if wishes could heal the hurt, and if love could override hate and turn arms that are hurling stones and mouths that are spewing hatred to arms that are helping pick up the pieces and mouths that speak of repentance and peace.
My prayers have been and will continue to be fervent and sincere for the innocent, for those who have lost their businesses, cars and property, for those, like my aunt, who look out from their windows and watch this nightmare play out in vivid horrific real time- a scene worse than any they have ever witnessed.
My heart aches for the children who will live the rest of their lives with these visions and lessons etched in their hearts and minds.
What is the message you are trying to communicate?
What is the message you are communicating?
Stop. Please stop.
Look at what you have done and realize what you must now do. Show the children that you can admit mistakes have been made, pain has been inflicted, and a horrible mark has been made in Baltimore’s history, however the damage can stop mounting! Be the amazing city of resilience that I know you to be, turn the page to the part of this chapter where you work together every color, religion, political belief, when you stop the chaos and begin to communicate; negotiate; fix what you broke; rebuild what you tore down- physical, emotional & spiritual; and turn your attention to the future, look at the children. Teach the children the lesson on the other side of pain: how to be people of prayer, pride, presence, but above all peace.
Until then I sit here and feel helpless as I see more pages being written in this painful chapter, waiting for you to put down the weapons, bricks, and matches and pick up the tools for rebuilding the structure and the people of my, of our, of your beloved Baltimore.
If prayers can help you write those pages, know they are being sent in great numbers and with much passion. Hoping you’ll feel the same power of prayer, peace and purpose to turn the visions of Baltimore from the fires of burning buildings to visions of people on fire with the desire to raise what has been torn down and rectify what has been wronged.
The best time to begin to etch the words of those actions in the hearts and minds of those who are among you and watching you is now……


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