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Peace within, peace around. Angels needed.

September 10, 2014

I’ve been reminded over and over just this week alone that life is not only unfair but can be downright harsh and is not for the weak-hearted, or even the big of heart because those break too.
When I finish working tonight and lay my head down, my prayers will be sprinkled with requests, instead of just gratitude.
I will be wrestling with God once again, as Jacob did.
I will ask Him to bless those who lost loved ones with strength and comfort; those that are on the cusp of falling off the edge of known into the frightful darkness of unknown with brilliant ray of hope that shows them the safe and secure passage; to bless those who are so painfully alone and unloved with conversations, companionship and unapologetic kindness from complete strangers;
and I will be especially chewing on God’s ear and pulling on His heartstrings to send down more angels to surround our children.
Asking Him to overcome our corner of the world with compassionate and patient role models for them; assure those in fear that they are safe and protected; offer those that are caught in the folds of violence, abrasiveness, and condescension, gentle guidance and caring sounding boards for their innocent questions and healthy development; and hoping that angels are immediately falling into place in the path of those that I see, and those that I have yet to meet, much needed love, hugs and assurance that they can rise from whatever circumstances, households, and dysfunction that life has now cast them in to the person they were created to be; opening their gifts, minds and hearts to the world releasing from within them a compassionate angel that might in turn change, touch or save another life.
If you are one of these angels sitting idle waiting for your time to stretch your wings I implore you to start flapping them.
You’re needed right here, right now.
Don’t hold back. Slow down and look to the left and to the right instead of blasting directly past at the speed of life what, and who, could be hanging in the balance needing your unapologetically kindness and life changing compassionate to pull them through, lift them up, and inspire them to move forward.
I know my God and He already knows what I plan to talk about tonight. (I picture him getting comfortable in His LazyBoy knowing this will be a long one!) And I have faith that He already has already begun nudging those angels on call around me who will step forth and meet these desperate, lonely, scared, and broken friends, young, old and in between, where they are, as they are, channeling nourishing and needed hope, faith and love through them, if they choose to allow Him to do so.
The lack of World Peace didn’t bring me down tonight, the lack of peace I personally witness within our corner of the world did.
Peace within will create peace around.
That applies to each individual, each home, each neighborhood, each workplace, each community and in turn each and every corner of the World.
We work together on this and who knows how far our ripples will reach…..
I will pray for them to at the very least reach the many friend’s homes that I hold in my heart tonight who mean the world to me.

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