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Be kind.

July 3, 2014

Another death notification today.
When I saw him and realized who it was I was very, very sad.
You didn’t know him. He was one in our shadows.
A bit older than I am, no friends, no job, no pressing purpose in life, never caused attention to himself, never saw the limelight of success or popularity. He was able to settle in the shadows and just be. Today he decided he had enough of just being.
What rocks me tonight is that I enjoyed visiting with him.
I would see him every few months at the least and visit for just a few minutes.
I never treated or spoke to him with any less respect than the most prominent person I would visit with because that is what we are created to do.
That is what Jesus wants us to do.
I read what Einstein said years ago and try every day to speak and treat everyone with the same care, love, and concern knowing at any time Jesus is walking among us.

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” ~ Albert Einstein

Normally I don’t share after notifications or sitting with those that are grieving, but today I am just so sad because I wonder if I could’ve done more to make him feel loved.
I started long ago hugging him as we parted, an action I could tell immediately was a unknown feeling.
Why share with you tonight? Because I know many in the shadows. I know many who are just being, hoping to achieve more someday but already accepting that their lot is just to survive. Hope is a four letter bitter word.
Days are so busy taking more time with those who don’t have to be in our days is a consumption of very valuable minutes. I need to slow down and do this more because once again I was reminded tonight that there is going to be that time that I feel I could’ve taken more time had I known it was to be the last time.
Why I share with you is to remind you as well to love everyone in the best and most comfortable way you can.
At the very least and the very most be kind to everyone.
You may be the last bitter word they hear, or the last kind word.
May you lay your head down at night knowing you threw no daggers in word, glares, or deeds and only communicated kindness to everyone you crossed paths with inside your home and out.
Let your words sow hope, love, and peace inside your home and to all whom you meet. It will matter. It does matter.
It did matter.

Wishing you much peace & love my friend,


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  1. Reblogged this on Hope and Friendship Foundation and commented:

    Last month I accompanied my brothers in blue to a death notification, a suicide. I met the father; assisted in delivering the dreadful news; offered my condolences and my phone number; then walked out feeling heartbroken for yet another parent who had just received the dreaded powerfully painful news.
    Only when I stopped by the scene and see the deceased did I find out that I not only knew the one who felt there was nothing left to live for, I had sat with him 2 weeks prior. My card was still in his wallet. We had interacted, I had been in his path repeatedly, and yet missed his distress signals…if he had sent them.
    That night I sat on my sofa and for lack of more effective words, simply felt rocked.
    I battled with the natural guilt of feeling like I missed an opportunity to save a life.
    Since my pre-teen years, I have found solace in writing when I ache.
    That night as I grieved for a life loss, for yet another person who was unable to see his worth, unable to pull from the darkness, for another parent who was left to wonder where they had failed in expressing their love and who now had the task on hand to bury their child, I found peace in the pain by challenging myself to convert woe into words and convey a lesson I learned into a message to be shared that might reach the eyes, thoughts and hearts of those within the word’s reach hoping to ignite a desire to practice compassion, acceptance, concern, and above all the determination to be nothing less than kind to every soul we meet not knowing the weight on their heart, the pain in their lives, or the length of their days.

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