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It’s not about giving up chocolate.

March 14, 2014

It’s not about giving up something for 40 days, it’s about figuring out what is distracting you from getting to the level that you are capable of reaching. Becoming the person you were created to be.
Changing a behavior, releasing a grudge, connecting more without the aid of a device, reading words that inspire, praying more, complaining less.
These 40 days are to be looked at as your warm up, your running start so you can carry this positive change and growth into the rest of your life, not about counting the days until you can go back to what has been restraining you from releasing the amazing potential of positive within you.
The world is a mess.
This corner of the world has so many needs.
The you that is constantly growing, listening, reaching, and striving to uncover and polish up all of the gifts that have been woven within you is needed just as much after lent as during it.
Travel through this Lent viewing it as your time to warm up those wings, brush away the rust, clean out the gunk, get that running start and launch into the full span soaring and strengthened you who has thrown aside some of those distractive weights and picked up a few great habits that will unveil even more of the marvelous work of Art who was placed on this earth to share the beauty, peace and love that only you were fashioned to offer.


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