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We do not know the day or the hour, so give the most love possible this very minute.

February 17, 2014
I have slowly emerged from my hermit/healing cocoon to try and carefully and intermittently poke my head out into what life once was and what it is now. In those very few 4 days of being back and with ears and heart open in the wonderful presence of my beautiful walking angels I have heard and ached with you as you have shared of the passing of a parent; the sudden death of a spouse; and the death of a most beloved friend, mother, wife and friend, all of those within our arm’s reach.
So once again I find myself in thought on the value and fragility of life and am reminded, just you have been oh so many times, and unfortunately usually during “these” times to:
*Love your parents not just by knowing them but not letting distance, busyness and silence gather between you (God felt that was important enough to write “honor them” in stone) – no matter your feeling on whether they were the “best” you would’ve ordered, they gave you life and looking around you, hopefully you at least are thankful they did that. If you’re lucky enough to regularly get to communicate with your parent, as I feel blessed to be able to do, you know how important that call/time spent is to not only them but you, and is an example for your children of a practice you hope they will follow.
*Love your spouse/significant other unconditionally and fully and let them know you do. “Do not let the sun go down on your anger.” It is so easy to take out our frustrations on the one that is closest to us physically and in our heart, but it is imperative for that very reason that person is the one that sees the very best of you for they will also see the very worse of you. Losing your soul mate, your partner, your best friend is a break in a heart that can never be fixed it merely becomes part of the strength of survival for the one that moves forward.
*Love first those within your home, then go out and love the world. Love FIRST and MOST those within your home because the great and wonderful ripples of love that can come from every loving home can and will change the world. We take our masks off when we enter our homes. Our children, our spouse, our pets, see every frustration, every tear, every laugh and see and love the real you, sometimes in spite of you. Each of you in that house make that place a home, each of you in that home become a part of one another with the ability to strengthen each other with love, or break one another by withholding it. On the day that one is not there, whether be the time to fly the nest, or their time on this earth has too soon ended, let it be comfort for YOU to know that you loved with all of your ability and the best you could, and with that (whether they are now in their own home or in their heavenly home) they will KNOW you love them and that they will always be apart of you.
Prayers and much love for those who have lost that loved one in your midst. I hope one of us will happen upon you tomorrow or the next day and offer you a loving hug, an offer of support, and the healing and unconditional love to help you walk through these most difficult days.
For those of us who are bystanders to their loss and pain may we have our eyes snapped open and our hearts and efforts focused on loving fully and purposefully those that God has placed in our midst while they are in our midst.
“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” ~ Math 24:36

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