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Today, 3 years ago.

November 14, 2013

November 13th, 2010.
The day that changed my life.
3 years ago at this very hour I had become fully and totally enchanted with the most amazing spirit I had ever met.
3 years ago today I had two stories to cover for Lemont Patch the final Lemont Blaze Rfc Rugby Game and the Front Street Cantina Lemont opening. I left my house in the morning ready to tackle the day, write 2 stories and make a bit of pocket change.
That is how fate works. You don’t plan it. You flow with it.
I had met Terry prior to this day. I’ll tell you once. He’ll tell you twice.
Introduced in August of 2010 on a day that I was obviously in 100 different places in my mind and never looked into his eyes.
Then again Labor Day 2010 when I did.
I have never seen such a compassionate and caring spirit emulate from someone. So kind. So genuine. So real. We parted and I figured it wasn’t meant to be.
Then he showed up again with his friend, unexpected, and completely taking my breath away. Maybe it was meant to be. Just breathe.
We enjoyed the Rugby game and I tried to play it cool. “Don’t act like you’re nervous” “Don’t let him see that you’re blushing because you are totally smitten!”
He was a complete gentleman and has never been anything less. He said “yes maam”. Opened the door for me. Accompanied me to my next story (the Cantina). Sat and talked with me and kept me company as I tried to concentrate on the story.
Meanwhile the story really was that I had never met anyone like him. And I was falling.
The night ended. He left. We parted as friends. But I went home and wondered if he felt what I felt. Something that you only dream about.
Now 3 years later I know he did, he does, and we do. I am the luckiest woman in the world and I say thanks to God every single moment of every single day to have had Him bless my life by uniting soul mates.
I love you more every single day and that love is such a powerful force that radiates through me even when we are a gazillion miles apart. Our hearts are always united as one.
I love you more today. I’ll love you more tomorrow. And as you know I love you more than peanut M&Ms.
Thank you for allowing yourself to be led to me not once, twice but three times until we got it right. xoxoxoxoxox


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