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According to CNN, the papers in the check out aisle and Jerry Springer there is little good news. I beg to differ.

November 13, 2013

Gads of good happenings (aka Good News) have occurred lately in Lemont via Hope and Friendship because of YOU!  7 of the oh so many good news updates follow:
Oodles of meals, baked goods, and assistance of food & Target purchases have been offered, and will continue to be offered to friends who need this gift.  I have been able to cook many a meal and plates of brownies because of financial donations that have been offered to meet this outreach, and some of you have joined me by offering a meal for a few friends who are walking through some really tough times.  No act of kindness is ever forgotten, even a plate of brownies can lift a spirit!  (Who am I kidding- especially a plate of brownies lifts spirits!!!)
Our young friends were treated to 4 events over the Summer, allowing them opportunities to experience fun and adventure that they would not have otherwise had the chance to enjoy only because of you. They went to a Joliet Slammers Game; enjoyed being the guest of honor at the “Unbirthday Party” and get a special surprise of choosing through donations of much needed personal care items (supplied by you); had a ball at a Pool Party night including tie dye shirts and a fun “make your own care bag experience”; and were treated to an amazing Ice Cream Party after happily experiencing the Emergency Vehicle Car Show Night.  These events were so important & extremely enjoyed by our young friends.  They were able to go back to school having some bragging rights of “what they did over the summer” because of friends who donated and made all of these events possible. 
Donations have begun to be offered to help gift what is needed for a full Thanksgiving Feast.  An anonymous friend has offered to sponsor needed turkeys (what a gift!!!), purchasing them from Chipains, and others have been offering promises and funds that will supply the rest of the food for friends who would not otherwise been able to afford the spread you will be able to offer.  (Details on how you can participate below)
Notes for a Friend is a program encouraging residents to write uplifting and encouraging notes for seniors, homebound, military overseas, veterans in VA Hospitals, and friends that are ill and needing a spirit lifter.  The collection box is located in the Lemont Police Station Lobby.  Lobby is open Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.  These notes bring smiles to some very down spirits. 
Eating Sushi gifted 10 young friends with very needed new pairs of school shoes and donations of gently used shoes helped many many more.  Sushi for Shoes was once again an amazing success. This year assisted by Brownie Troop #588  who offered their hostess skills and a cuteness factor that made all who visited Kitaro that night happy they came out to support this event.
Work in the yard didn’t seem like work during Mission Stay Saturdays.  In 6 Saturdays we visited and aided 22 homes offering yard assistance & home repairs that would have either not been able to be completed, or would have had to be hired out AND Care Boxes of Baked Goods were created and delivered to 25 homes, the Police Dept and all 4 Fire Stations.  You helped make these acts of kindness happen.  (Details below on a one time Fall Mission Stay Saturday this coming Saturday)
School supplies were gifted to EVERY student who needed them because of your donations AND because of my beautiful and wonderful Starbucks family who took an entire weeks tips, plus donations of their own and absolutely filled my Jeep with bags and bags of school supplies for our kids.  I was in shock, and immediately wanted to be a Starbucks Barista when I grow up!  They are good and kind people who care to make a difference in our community (at least our Starbucks crew is!)

If you enjoyed those “good news” stories and want to partake in helping to create more following are a few options of events for you to chose from to jump in with both feet and help over the next 42 days:

Fall Mission Stay Saturday Nov 16 8am-12:00pm- Help to complete yard work, leaf clean up, etc for homebound and elderly.  Meet in the Lemont Police Station Parking Lot by 8am.  We’ll be rolling out by 8:15 to help at least 3 seniors.  (I have a 4th friend we could help if we rock and roll out the others!)  If you’re able: bring rakes, tree & bush trimming tools, lawn bags, ladders, gloves.  We will be cleaning up the lawns, gutters, bushes, trees and spreading some TLC and offering a much needed act of kindness!  This is an all ages event great for parents & teens.  How better can our youth learn compassion than to witness it?
Tues Nov 26th – Hope & Friendship’s  “The Day the Turkeys Fly” @ Lemont Safety Village 3-5:30 pm
Assist with sorting donations of turkeys, and Thanksgiving Dinner items 3-4pm, deliveries between 4-5pm; clean up 5-5:30pm.  A very generous friend has sponsored the turkeys that will be offered!!!!  But we still need to round up donations of bags of white or red potatoes, rolls, butter, desserts, side dishes either prepared or in boxes/cans.   Food donations can be dropped off to the Safety Village between 2-3pm on Tuesday Nov 26th.

Through Nov 30th when you dine at Chili’s on Bell Rd & present a voucher Hope and Friendship will earn 10% of your bill I will be using whatever we raise to purchase gas cards for friends who are struggling to keep fuel in their tank.  (email for a PDF of the vouchers)

Thur Dec 5th – Hope & Friendship’s  Duck, Dive & Dodge Dodgeball Tournament @ Park District CORE Gyms 7-9pm – Don’t miss this night!  Teams from local schools (staff & student groups), organizations, Lemont Village, Public Works, Lemont Fire, Lemont Park District, Churches (Staff, teen & Small Groups) will all meet on Dec 5th and attempt to knock the snot out of each other all in the name of charity.  Bring a donation of personal care items, cleaning products or funds that will help create the Care Boxes that will be delivered on Christmas Day.  Volunteers are needed to help make this event as minimally chaotic as possible. 

Fri Dec 20th – Hope & Friendship’s Creating Christmas Care Boxes @ Lemont Township Office (1115 Warner Ave- behind Chipains) 8am-11am  Assist with sorting donations of personal care & cleaning products, then creating care boxes to be delivered on Christmas Day.
Sat Dec 21st  – Hope & Friendship’s  Creating Christmas Care Boxes @ Lemont Township Office (1115 Warner Ave- behind Chipains) 10am-12noon Assist with sorting donations of personal care & cleaning products, then creating care boxes to be delivered on Christmas Day. My goal is to have all of the Care Boxes completely packed and ready so we can concentrate on the Christmas Dinner Boxes on Christmas Day.  This is a volunteer day appropriate for all ages. 
Tues Dec 24th Optional Christmas Dinner Food Drop off 10-12noon –   If you can not drop off your Christmas Food Donations on Christmas Day between 11:00-1:30pm then you can drop off donations (preferably not in need of refrigeration) of side dishes, desserts, veggies, potatoes, & rolls/butter on Christmas Eve Day Dec 24th from 10am-12noon @ Lemont Township Office (1115 Warner Ave- behind Chipains) 

Wed Dec 25th  – Hope & Friendship’s  Christmas Dinner & Care Box Creating and Delivering @ Lemont Township Office (1115 Warner Ave- behind Chipains)
Sorting food and created full meal boxes between 1:30-3:30pm, organizing meals/care boxes to be delivered and deliveries out the door between 3-5pm; clean up 4:30-6pm.  I will also need volunteers to cook turkeys and hams that are donated.  Contact me if you can cook a donated ham/turkey to be delivered on Christmas Day between 11am-1pm.

Do what you can, when you can, with what you have to offer.  Every single finger raised to help makes a difference.  Many homes will experience a holiday meal that they wouldn’t have been able to afford, prepare, or pull together without this community effort.  If you are looking for more options to get involved I can send you a list of all of the events that I am responsible for under both my Hope and Friendship and Lemont Township hats that will occur in over the next 42 days.  I’ll be happy to put your kind offer of help to task in your choice of venue. 

May you be completely blessed my friends, because you truly have blessed and do bless so many right here within your arm’s reach!!!
Wishing you peace,
Terri O’Neill-Borders

Hope and Friendship Foundation 721 Hickory St, Lemont, IL  60439  630-816-4972

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”
Proverbs 31: 8-9


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