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Who did you learn from today?

September 18, 2013

Finally I get to sit and think about whom God blessed me by crossing my path today with…
the daughter that texted me thanking me (friends of Hope and Friendship Ministries) for helping her and her mother (a struggling widow) cover an unpayable bill (thank YOU!);
a friend, mother of 5, who just found out the home she is renting is now in foreclosure, an unfortunate, untimely and unaffordable move is in the very near future;
the couple in their mid 90s that I visited tonight bringing a simple pasta dinner and found the husband to be in very bad condition, tired, sore from a fall and clearly depressed and frustrated with being trapped in the situation he was in yet the wife so appreciative of the visit, conversation, and food & her adorable excitement about the garlic bread ;
the young girl I visited who was so very excited that her big brother, a marine, was home on an emergency leave, she was SO very proud of him, making sure that I noticed the Marine’s flag that was flying at their side door telling me how he was so very lucky to be heading to Japan (If we could only have a tenth of the pride and appreciation for our military that she had for her brother we would come close to honoring their commitment);
the mom that was about to have her utility cut off and was in panic mode trying to figure out how to cover that bill when the costs from the start of school had put her just enough behind that this bill could not be covered (donations from friends of Hope and Friendship Ministries were able to cover this bill);
and then tonight to be blessed to be invited to sit with a family camped out in a hospital waiting room while their loved one was fighting to wake up and reward their perseverance, their unconditional love, and answer their prayers. The words that are echoing in my head from this visit are when the wife who is waiting for her beloved to awake tells me of how they are best friends, don’t fight, love doing everything together, and enjoy each day together: “yeah we’re THAT couple that is madly in love with one another”. I loved hearing that! God bless THOSE couples that realize that love is a priceless commodity to be cherished, celebrated, and enjoyed every single moment of every single day.

I am sitting here digesting all of these and other interactions from today and I and thinking about the determination, commitment, pride, pain, and love that I am better for having personally witnessed today. Then on the flip side I think about those I interacted with who are unable to savor the moment, embrace or forgive those that are within their reach, have an ax to grind or grudge to hold, those that just haven’t appreciated what they have, rather souring over what they wish they did.
I do not want to judge for I do not want to be judged, however I am sitting here tonight thinking that I personally need to hug more, tell those that I am proud of exactly that daily, appreciate every morning I wake up and can get out of bed and walk to the bathroom unassisted, not feel stressed about my finances knowing that when I put my heart and passion to what I am called to do I will not go under- I may struggle but I will not fail and I must trust that, in the same respect I need to prioritize what consumes my time, money and effort, love with abandon, pray with passion & sincerity, be genuine, and take every opportunity to be present and accounted for in the difficult times as well as the fun celebratory times.
I believe we learn from every experience- good and bad- and if we are not learning we are not living. If we are loving while we’re learning and living then we are bettering ourselves in the very best way possible as well as making our corner of the world and those within our arm’s reach better for having us walk through this valley together. Wishing you much peace, love and strength for your journey.


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