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Thank you from myself and friends in Moore, OK

June 27, 2013


A true and sincere thank you for your offering of items, money, gift cards and helping to cover the cost of fuel allowing me to travel to Moore, OK and back home. 


My husband, Terry, and I arrived exactly 72 hours after the May 20th tornado toppled homes, left loved ones crippled with grief, and survivors moving about in a numb yet reflexive state attempting to bring order to chaos.  During the time that we offered our hands and feet, I found that I grew in strength of compassion and perspective was added to my foundation that I would never have otherwise gained.  I arrived hoping to humbly offer counsel and comfort to those that I would cross paths with and instead I was gifted with more than I could possible offer.


I was embraced as much as I embraced.


Prayed over as much as I prayed for.


I learned painful yet powerful lessons that can only be taught in the midst of tragedy.


We were welcomed openly, unconditionally and enthusiastically when had anticipated instead to quietly blend into the army of those who came to offer the same.


I stared in awe at the aftermath of the force of nature with a community who was once again rocked by more inconceivable destruction than most of us will ever witness, let alone experience.


We came to offer sweat amidst tears yet found our hearts aching with them and moved to emotion ourselves. 


It was our intention to offer ourselves to complete strangers to do “grunt work” (as my husband labeled it) freeing their hands for other more important and pressing tasks, yet found ourselves working alongside of new friends. 


We traveled to a beaten and battered corner of the world offering not only our willing hands and feet but also support from this/our corner of the world- bridging the 800-mile gap.  Your donations of support cards for the First Responders, financial donations, items offered, and the gift cards to help with clean up and rebuilding were delivered by our hands but clearly communicated that they were gifts from friends of Hope and Friendship in the Lemont, IL area.  For those who are living this “nightmare” and received your offerings, Lemont immediately appeared to be a most compassionate community of hope and love.  Each of them extended much thanks and prayers.  I, however, know it’s a community of compassion, hope and love and I also extend to you my most sincere thanks and prayers for helping to provide aid to friends in need of your sympathy and generosity.  Wishing you much gratitude, peace & love!



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